ICN Nursing Student Assembly


The ICN Nursing Student Assembly was held the morning of 27 May 2017. The Assembly, which was free of charge, provided nursing students enrolled in basic nursing education programmes (first entry level) the opportunity to meet and explore priority issues.

In addition, the students were given the possibility of presenting a summary of their discussions to the ICN Council of National Nursing Association Representatives (CNR). This was primarily an assembly of basic programme students. However, post-basic nursing students interested in attending the Student Assembly were granted observer status if space permits. While this meeting has been facilitated by ICN, the students themselves were responsible for its development and implementation.

Challenges of nursing education for the humanization of care

 The ICN Nursing Student Assembly was held on Saturday, 27 May from 08:30 to 12:30 at the International Convention Center of Barcelona (CCIB) under the theme "Challenges of nursing education for the humanization of care".

The ICN Nursing Student Assembly aimed to identify the needs and strategies of nursing education to respond to the future challenges of health care, including the humanization of care and development of advanced roles in nursing care. All this, through the use of new technology and innovation and e-Health.

Learning objectives

  1. To explore successful educational strategies to humanize care and improve person-centered health care.
  2. To discuss the advanced roles in nursing and reflect on how clinical nursing education should be adapted to meet the needs of future health care systems.
  3. To provide opportunities for an in-depth exchange of experiences within and beyond the international nursing student community.


Venue: International Convention Center of Barcelona (CCIB)

Room: 117

Time: 08:30 – 12:30

Languages: English, French and Spanish







Welcome: Presentation of the participating countries

Eneko Armendáriz

President, Spanish Nursing Student Association


Introduction: Aims of the Student Assembly

Dr José Luis Cobos

Spanish General Council of Nursing

Update on ICN work and priorities

Dr Howard Catton

International Council of Nursing


Challenges of nursing education for the humanization of care

Dr. Julio Fernández Garrido

Dean, School of Podology, University of Valencia

Dean, Conference of Deans of Schools of Nursing of Spain


Round table: Nursing education: students´views.

Moderator: Eneko Armendáriz, President, Spanish Nursing Student Association (Spain)

Innovations and challenges in nursing: European perspective.

Julián Vadell Martínez, President, European Nursing Students Association (Europe)

The challenges and successes of the Canadian Nursing education model and the changes Canadian students would like to see implemented. 

Vigne Sridharan, Global Health Committee Chair, Canadien Nursing Students Association (Canada)

Innovative strategies for clinical nursing education. What are students´ views?

Yunyoung Choi and Chaeeun Shin, Korean Nurses Students (Korea)


Break & networking


Round table: Nursing education: students´views (continuation)

Moderator: Eneko Armendáriz, President, Spanish Nursing Student Association (Spain)

Global health challenges and nursing students´ contribution

Jennifer Kalenkoski, President, National Student Nurses Association (USA)

Humanization of nursing care: Students´ perspectives and proposals.

Daniel Juárez Rosales, President, Nursing Student Chair of the University of El Salvador (El Salvador)

Nursing students at the forefront transforming care.

Sukcharoen Jittee, The Nurse Association of Thailand (Thailand)




Student report presentation to CRN

Julian Vadell Martínez

President, European Student Nursing Association

ICN 2017
27 May - 1 June 2017
Barcelona, Spain

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