Abstract themes

1 Healthcare systems, economics and coverage
What will be the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on the provision of healthcare? How will nurses contribute to the achievement of the SDGs’ focus on good health and well-being? What policies are required in order to achieve the SDG goals and targets? What are the roles and impacts of nurses in the delivery of people centred integrated healthcare services? How do we achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) at a time of major societal change? What have been some of the challenges and opportunities for the nursing profession in integrating practice, science, knowledge, policy and equity and its impact on the economic sustainability of countries? What is the economic and clinical return on investment of a university prepared nursing workforce?.

2 Direct care, patient safety
What innovations in clinical practice support better patient outcomes? What are the impacts of changing practice environments on patient safety? What are quality healthcare indicators and how are they measured? What is the link between patient engagement and better patient outcomes? What is the relationship between nursing leadership, evidence-based practice and quality patient outcomes? What is the science and evidence of the impact of nurses who are certified as specialists on patient safety and care outcomes?.

3 Equity/ethics/human rights
What ethical dilemmas exist in ensuring access, acceptability and quality of health services and how should they be addressed? How is equity introduced/maintained in health systems and communities? What policies and measures need to be taken to promote and protect the health rights of individuals and populations? What is the impact of our rapidly advancing technology on nursing ethics? What evidence is available on ethical nursing human resource management including codes of conduct and cultural relevance?

4 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Across the continuum of care, what are the trends in health and well-being? How can nurses integrate science, knowledge and equity into nursing practice to promote and maintain health and well-being of individuals and populations? What is the impact of interventions at various stages of life? How can we support healthy ageing and provide equity and access to healthcare including end of life care? Are promotive and preventive nursing interventions cost effective? What is the current impact of non-communicable diseases from a nursing perspective and how are nursing education, regulation and practice responding? How can nurses lead transformation of healthcare systems to primary healthcare approach with greater focus on health promotion and disease preventions? What regional, national and global policies and incentives are needed to advance healthy living and healthy life styles?

5 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supporting nurses at the forefront and improving quality of care
How does technology and informatics support access to health services and quality care? What innovations have advanced healthcare delivery, enhanced safety and improved patient outcomes? How is technology supporting connectivity in the nursing community? How do nurses use ICT for patient empowerment? What is the impact of informatics, technology and social media on nursing practice? What are the implications of knowledge management and how does it impact nursing? How can ICT remove barriers to advance UHC and the SDGs and adjust the maldistribution of nurses?

6 Leadership – management
What competencies do nurse managers and nursing leaders need? Are there innovative models of education and development available to meet future needs? How can we prepare future generations for leadership in a globalised world? How do we prepare nurses for policy, politics and decision-making roles outside nursing at local, national and global levels? What is the impact of nursing involvement in policy formation on the health of population/individuals? What impact will Advanced Practice nursing have on leadership and performance in integrating practice, science, knowledge and equity to serve people?

7 Nursing education and learning
In light of the global shortage of employed nurses and workforce maldistribution, how will a sufficient student pool be attracted to the profession? What are the reasons behind the high student attrition rates and how must they be addressed? How will we prepare the faculty necessary to educate future generations of nurses? How do we better address the gap from education to practice? What innovations do we see in the learning environment? What are the trends in international delivery of entry level and continuing education? How do we address the gaps in standards of education globally? How will inter-professional education influence the delivery of care? What models are there for providing educational opportunities and increased access for nurses to improve their professional, social and economic status?

8 The nursing workforce, workplace and image
What impact has the global strategy on human resources for health had with regards to the nursing workforce? What are the priority workforces and workplace issues that affect access to care? What skill mix is required to achieve UHC and ensure quality care? What is the impact of positive practice environments and how do we achieve them? How does global nurse mobility affect access to quality healthcare? Are the current workforce planning models utilized by other industries relevant to nursing? How can we improve the focus of and staffing for primary health care and community based care while maintaining a strong acute care workforce?

9 Disasters/conflicts/pandemics
What is the impact of climate change on public health? What is the role of nurses in conflict situations, disaster preparedness and relief efforts? How do we screen and deploy disaster nurses safely and effectively? What protective measures do relief workers require? What are the risks and how do we manage the safety of nurses in times of conflict, disasters and pandemics? What is the role of nurses in ensuring sustainable development to minimise the impact of climate change on public health?

10 Regulation
What is the role of professional regulation in ensuring patient safety and quality? How can accreditation systems benefit the patient? What will be the impact of national/regional/international dialogue on regulation? What has been the impact of globalisation and trade agreements on regulation? What are some examples of best practices in regulation with respect to fulfilling regulatory authorities’ core functions including self-regulation? What are the implications of evolving regulatory models around the world for the nurse and for nursing regulators?

11 History
How does knowledge of the past help us prepare for the future? What lessons have we learned? What national and international trends do we see in nursing? What do we know about the history of nurses being at the forefront of care delivery, documenting history and preserving heritage?


ICN 2017
27 May - 1 June 2017
Barcelona, Spain

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